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Range of hole diameter to be bored - 36-150 мм Max length of cylinder body to be bored - 1600 mm...

Cost iron transmission Boring spindle has speed ...

MSRP $58 500

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This machine was specially designed for boring Middle & Small engine blocks, crankshaft bush ...

MSRP $14 148

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- Cast iron transmission - Boring spindle rotation has motor control system, and so it m...

MSRP $22 900

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Not sure what line boring machines are or how they differ from other boring machinery? Don’t worry: It can get confusing. Thankfully the topic itself is not that complex, so we’ll get up to speed in no time at all. Just keep on reading and by the time you’ve reached the end, you’ll be able to keep up with everything there is to know about the topic.

Table of Contents:

What is a line boring machine?

What is the best line boring machine?

Line boring machine for heavy equipment and industrial use

The importance of an engine line boring machine

Other uses for automotive line boring machine equipment

Going the extra mile with line boring and welding machine setups

Where can I find line boring machines for sale?



1) What is a line boring machine?

Before we can properly explain what is a line boring machine we need to take a look at what boring is in the first place.

Boring is defined as producing a hole in a given material, and boring machines in particular are known for doing so with great accuracy. However, an engine line boring machine is not quite the same.

Line boring machines basically are boring machines for fine work: That is to say, they are very precise. Line boring is used to make clean bores in a material that has already been cast or drilled. So they are like that precise machine that puts the last effort during industrial production.

2) What is the best line boring machine?

There’s no overall best line boring machine, after all a machine that works for one material might not work for another. But to make things more approachable: Let’s take a look at some ways we can categorize line boring machines: That way you’ll know what to look for.

  • Orientation: Depending on how the machine is set up you might run into a horizontal or a vertical line boring machine. Neither is necessarily superior, but horizontal line boring machine setups are far more common.
  • Function: Not all boring machines are meant to use in the same field. There are industrial line boring machine for heavy equipment, as well as specialized line boring and welding machines that do both tasks at once. There are even larger and mobile models designed for advanced tasks like plumbing as is the case of a water line boring machine.
  • Brand: As with anything else there’s no shortage of brands selling boring machines. So you might run into a lesser-known model that seems to perform the same as branded CNC line boring machine.
  • Material: Not all machines are meant to be used on the same materials. While metal might be the most common target for a boring machine, you’ll also see might also see a wood cabinet line boring machine for sale.
  • Power: How a machine is powered will also play a role in its overall performance. And while there are electric models you are far more likely to see a hydraulic line boring machine
  • The number of bores: Some machines can bore multiple sections at once, as is the case of a triple or double line boring machine.

3) Line boring machine for heavy equipment and industrial use

While some boring machines are meant for soft materials like wood, others like an engine line boring machine are meant for industrial use. And in fact, line boring has a large role in most manufacturing processes across the globe.

Traditionally line boring is an important aspect in the manufacturing of moving metallic parts like engines, valves, and cylinders. But even fine work like rims or hubcaps usually involves line boring to a degree.

Some industrial line boring machines can be as large as a crane even, so the overall range of products is very extensive.

4) The importance of an engine line boring machine

Engines are very precise machines that simultaneously need to be very resilient: A hard task as fine motion isn’t usually correlated with strength. And that’s where line boring comes into the equation.

An engine line boring machine is responsible for creating the accurate bores needed to insert cylinders and turbines into an engine. meaning that without line boring machine for heavy equipment, there’d be no car engines at all.

5) Other uses for automotive line boring machine equipment

An automotive line boring machine doesn’t have to be used exclusively for engines, and in fact, has multiple uses for fine details in a car.

The most likely part to need line boring beyond an engine are the wheels, as the detailed patterns in the hubcaps and the rims usually require very precise machine work. And even smaller parts can be bored thanks to the versatility of line boring and welding machine setups

6) Going the extra mile with line boring and welding machine setups

In previous sections we’ve brought up the existence of the line boring welding machine: So let’s take a closer look at what it can do.

While boring traditionally is about expanding the size of an office, boring welding machines can do the opposite. By adding metal to the inside of a bore, the diameter gets reduced: An important task that allows for maintenance and for rectifying potential mistakes in the boring process.

7) Where can I find line boring machines for sale?

If you are looking for line boring machines for sale you need to look no further than Mach Trade. A look at our catalog will show you a curated selection of line boring machinery for any budget.

Of course, when it comes to a line boring machine price it’s important to keep in mind that these are industrial machines, meaning that the cost can be a bit elevated. Boring machines in general are usually in the range of tens of thousands of dollars. However, since they are mostly meant for fine work engine block line boring machine for sale tends to be more affordable than other models.

That said when shopping keep in mind that you don’t want a cheap line boring machine, what you want is an affordable one. What does this mean? In short: Going for the cheapest model possible might just be more expensive in the long run, especially if it doesn’t suit your needs. So instead take a close look at what specifications you need to get the best possible deal in that range.

8) FAQ

Can I use a line boring machine for general boring needs?

Line boring is a fine process that is meant for parts that are already cast or drilled. Using it on untreated parts can result in damage to the machine and parts.

Do wood machines work in metal and vice versa?

Not really. The specifications and material build are completely different.

What makes engine line boring machines different?

An automotive line boring machine is in broad terms a boring machine with higher torque and better construction allowing it to work on harder materials.

How much should I expect to pay for a line boring machine?

It depends really. Some can go for over $100,000, but at Mach Trade our prices start at $17,530.


Line boring is in short a way to get fine work done on an industrial level, and with Mach Trade by your side, it’s never been easier to get a machine of your own and change the way you do business. So feel free to contact us for any further inquiries or questions about line boring.