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It’s rare that downsizing behavior in a particular sector, leads to an upswing in the value and market size of that particular domain. However, in the case of camshaft repair machines and crankshaft grinding machines, this is exactly what is occurring. This upwards current indicates strong profit potential for any business involved in auto tuning, engine restoration, and engine repair. Over the past several years, engines have trended down in size due to stricter government emissions edicts. This has created rising demand for camshafts with lighter weights and more advanced capabilities. The sector’s value has been boosted further by a general growth spurt in the automotive industry worldwide. The camshaft market is currently estimated to be worth USD 3.5 billion, and expected to rise to USD 5.6 billion by 2033. As always, demand creates opportunity, provided you’re connected to the right suppliers of quality manufactured machining equipment, and superior maintenance and repair services. If you’re an automotive business involved in camshaft and crankshaft repair, and looking to either upgrade your current machinery or purchase a new unit, here’s your ultimate guide for doing so.


The MachTrade all-rounder camshaft and crankshaft machine company advantage

MachTrade’s remote purchase and profitability enhancing service scheme

What does a crankshaft polishing machine do

MachTrade’s crankshaft catalog

What does a camshaft copy grinding machine do

MachTrade for top price, top service

MachTrade camshaft and crankshaft machine shop near me FAQs

1) The MachTrade all-rounder camshaft and crankshaft machine company advantage

MachTrade is you fully integrated camshaft machine company and crankshaft machine company. It provides high level personalized purchase advice, delivered by a dedicated workforce of auto industry experts and knowledgeable customer service representatives. The firm’s full service menu includes camshaft and crankshaft machining sales, installation, maintenance, and repair.

As both of these engine components are critical to the inlet and exhaust strokes that pair to create an engine’s cycle, it’s typical that businesses that deal in one also deal in the other. If you run an automotive crankshaft and camshaft machining business, you’ll want to know about MachTrade.

The company’s extensive digital platform provide a wide range of resources to assist customers in purchasing machining equipment. Users can browse model types with feature guides, specification listings, and video format instructional guides. It’s a sales process that is service rather than supply oriented, with the MachTrade workforce comprised of employees selected for their experience in the automotive industry. At MachTrade, we want to make sure you get the best match machine for your specific business focus and scaling needs, and the right level of follow up maintenance and attention.

2) MachTrade’s remote purchase and profitability enhancing service scheme

Based out of New York, MachTrade has extended its physical presence to include representative locations across Europe. But don’t worry if you’re in neither of these regions, as MachTrade’s focus is on remote sales and mobile installation, maintenance, and servicing. The extensive MachTrade online platform is the perfect place to initiate a search for your next crankshaft grinder machine or camshaft polishing machine.

At MachTrade online, you’re able to access in-depth information guides on all catalog models, including feature and operational video presentations, specifications, and more. You can also submit inquiries on any catalog model and a MachTrade specialist will respond to you swiftly. MachTrade partners with the industry’s most trusted manufacturers of high performance, durable, and value for investment, machining equipment. As such every MachTrade catalog model is a carefully curated choice, road tested by our machining experts who all have extensive experience in rebuilding engine components.

3) What does a crankshaft polishing machine do

A crankshaft machine is integral to the process of removing materials from the rod and main journals of a crankshaft in order to make it smooth enough so that it is restored back to OEM specifications. Recent advancements in the manufacture of crankshaft grinding machines has transformed their precision and performance speed.

Modern crankshaft machining iterations, such as the crankshaft milling machine, have both reduced the machining forces involved, and increased operational accuracy. A notable innovation in the field has been in modern CNC crankshaft machining methods. These have largely done away with the need to apply meticulous attention and focus to the bevel edges between crankpins and the main bearings, as well as to oil holes.

CNC crankshaft grinder machine models improve accuracy and reduce time, initializing 3D machined surfaces that can accommodate a greater variety of complex shapes. This is especially applicable as the market continues its segue towards lighter crankshafts as demanded by modern automotive production.

4) MachTrade’s crankshaft catalog

The MachTrade crankshaft grinding machine line-up features five high performance models and tools from two industry leading manufacturers, POLEKSA and SJMC. MachTrade crankshaft polishing machine models all feature a range of common features, such as:

  • Durable cast-iron body base
  • Wheelhead with fast oleodynamic feed
  • Headstock and tailstock displacement on air cushion
  • Electronic adjustable crank speed rotation motor
  • Electronic and movable control panel
  • Secure wheelhead movement system
  • Slides lubrication system
  • Work lighting lamp
  • Cooling unit with fabric filter system
  • 220V electric power plug on control panel for foreign uses

Optional extras fitted on certain crankshaft polishing machine models include:

  • Fast speed powered table traverse
  • Precision incremental in-feed
  • Incremental electronic measuring device
  • Moveable centering system

5) What does a camshaft copy grinding machine do

A camshaft is another vital mechanical component of an internal combustion engine. Its job is to open and close the inlet and outlet exhausts of an engine with precision stoking and timing. A camshaft copy grinding machine is essential to the process of machining a camshaft so that it provides optimal valve movement and synchronization.

CNC camshaft machining and advancements in high frequency camshaft quenching machine functionality, can lead to increased productivity and accuracy in camshaft restoration. Thus auto firms that purchase and operate high performance machinery will reap the benefits. MachTrade is committed to being the conduit between its auto industry customers and high quality camshaft quenching machine capabilities for scaling a business’ workflow and profitability.

6) MachTrade for top price, top service

Some customers searching for a crankshaft machine for sale, focus only on suppliers in their local area. This isn’t necessarily the wisest strategy for securing the best value crankshaft grinding machine price and service options. MachTrade’s business model is as a remote-first online sales and customer information portal, complemented by mobile on-site installation service, and repair teams.

This company structure enables MachTrade to represent a select few of the world’s top manufacturers, and function as a crankshaft machine shop near me for a global consumer base. The online platform features a dynamic pricing function, showcasing MachTrade’s best offer pricing policy. Customers simply enter a catalog model and a MachTrade representative will be in contact with the company’s best value deal offer on that particular item. In this way, MachTrade is able to offer competitive pricing that responds to market fluctuations in machine values.

7) MachTrade camshaft and crankshaft machine shop near me FAQs

What crankshaft polishing machine brands does MachTrade recommend?

MachTade chooses to partner exclusively with the POLEKS and SJMC manufacturing brands. POLEKS is a world leader in the construction of engine rebuilding equipment. Headquartered in Turkey, the firm has been making and reimagining engine restoration machinery since the 1970s. SJMC meanwhile is involved in the manufacture of high quality machining tools, with its products widely regarded across the automotive industry. By concentrating its catalog range on these two esteemed manufacturers, MachTrade is able to ensure a steady availability of all spare parts crucial to seamless maintenance and repair services.

Do we need to bring our portable crankshaft grinding machine to a MachTrade location for servicing?

You can, but might we suggest an easier alternative that will cause less disruption to your business operations. Simply contact MachTrade for any scheduled maintenance appointments, or if there’s any issue with your machine immediate attention. MachTrade will have an expert team onsite at your location as soon as possible. Repairments and maintenance will either be performed in accordance with your initial warranty, or if falling outside of this period, will be offered at an affordable post-warranty rate.

Our business operates in Europe, can be still order a crankshaft quenching machine through MachTrade?

Absolutely you can. Not only is MachTrade’s online sales and information portal accessible from anywhere, the company is also able to arrange delivery of your selected high frequency crankshaft quenching machine to your location. In addition to this, the company has representative offices in locations around Europe.

The MachTrade vision is to assist our customers in reaching and exceeding their business potential. As a customer centric company, MachTrade strives to balance an expertly curated catalog of exceptional engine rebuilding and metal working equipment, with individual sales attention and advice, and first-rate maintenance and repair services. Purchase competitively priced crankshaft and camshaft machining equipment through MachTrade, and you’re investing in a lasting relationship. Our firm is dedicated towards optimizing the performance and extending the lifespan of your machines through regularly scheduled maintenance, and repairments as required. Tap into the top value status of the automotive industry from today and into tomorrow with MachTrade.