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Engine rebuild equipment is high performance and high revenue-generating machinery. Heavy duty large and small engine repair machining models are used in the remanufacture and reconditioning of connecting rods, crankshafts, camshafts, cylinder heads, engine blocks, and other automotive engine components. As a proprietor of a business involved in automotive repair, remanufacturing, or reconstruction, engine repair equipment likely assumes a major role in your operations. Such machinery is so integral to the growth potential of auto repair firms, that recent market research into businesses that use engine repair equipment in their daily operations, found that over 37% of respondents had plans to expand the engine rebuilding component of their enterprise within two years. Of these, a further 34% intended to purchase new engine rebuilding equipment to scale workflow and profitability.


Automotive engine rebuilding equipment

Engine rebuilding equipment for sale and service at MachTrade

New vs used engine repair equipment

MachTrade small engine repair tools and equipment FAQs

1) Automotive engine rebuilding equipment

Every model in MachTrade’s catalog of engine rebuilding equipment for sale comes quality assured by the company’s auto-industry technicians. Its bespoke range of machining models focuses on a selection of high-functioning, durable, and value-for-money, model options from world-leading manufacturing brands, POLEKS, Mu-Teks, and SJMC.

Designed to be a remotely accessed sales, information, and servicing company, MachTrade extends its purchase, maintenance, and repair options to customers across a wide range of geographical locations. Its extensive online portal is fitted with interactive inquiry and best price estimate functions, as well as detailed specification guides, instructional usage videos, technical advice, and trouble shooting solutions. MachTrade’s customer service team is always on board to assist you in making an informed machinery purchase decision that best suits your business’ needs and future plans.

2) Engine rebuilding equipment for sale and service at MachTrade

The MachTrade approach to automotive engine rebuilding equipment sales involves the integration of purchase options with delivery, installation, and ongoing maintenance and repair services. With more than 10 years of auto-industry experience, MachTrade is staffed by a dedicated team of repair mechanics and customer service representatives. Its personnel combine forces to deliver a comprehensive customer experience that’s focused on supporting the profitability and longevity of all your machining equipment.

MachTrade engine rebuilding equipment dealers are your ticket to the standard of maintenance and repair work that will ensure you get the very most out of your engine rebuilding equipment. Our expert auto-technician teams are ready to attend on-site at your business to deliver scheduled maintenance intended to preserve the longevity of your valuable equipment.

If there’s ever an unexpected performance issue, MachTrade can deliver a repair team to you to address the issue swiftly. Our employees are adept at providing on-site quality repairments with minimal disruption to your business operations. As all MachTrade machining purchases come with a one to three-year warranty, you’ll be serviced and attended free of cost.

3) New vs used engine repair equipment

Browse automotive engine rebuilding equipment for sale and you’ll likely be struck by the high cost of many machine models. Such purchases are likely to be amongst the largest monetary investments your business will make, and also one of its most crucial. Used automotive engine rebuilding equipment dealers may at first glance appear to be a prudent money-conserving option, however, there are potential downfalls of buying a reconditioned model that should be carefully considered.

While the upfront cost of used engine rebuilding equipment may be less, such machinery is often sold without any guarantee of its working condition. This could result in you having to engage with costly contracted repair work within an undetermined timeframe from purchase.

As all MachTrade machine sales are accompanied by a service and repair warranty from between one to three years, customers receive assurance of initial and future performance standards. This is backed up by favorable post-warranty maintenance and repair rates, the time and cost-saving convenience of on-site repairments, and the assurance of a ready supply of spare parts.

Technology evolves quickly, and machining equipment is updated accordingly. It’s important to consider the age of any used equipment you’re considering buying, and whether it will perform as effectively as a similarly priced but newer machine. When conducting your research, take advantage of MachTrade’s dynamic online function for providing the best offer price quotes on all its catalog of machinery models. This will enable you to compare the price of a used model elsewhere to MachTrade’s competitive rate.

4) MachTrade FAQs

Does MachTrade sell Comec engine rebuilding equipment and RMC engine rebuilding equipment?

In a marketplace awash with many different manufacturers of engine-rebuilding equipment, MachTrade has chosen to concentrate its catalog of engine-rebuilding equipment for sale on three major leading global brands. These are MuTeks, POLEKS, and SJMC Machine Tools. By establishing long-term relationships with these manufacturers, MachTrade can ensure the reliable supply of spare parts for all models, as well as guarantee that every MachTrade machining model has been subjected to rigorous quality control measures, and elected for sale based on performance, design, and affordability.

I understand that MachTrade is headquartered in the US, does it also sell to Europe?

Yes absolutely it does. For customers outside of the US, MachTrade provides the dual convenience of being both a remotely accessed sales and advice platform, as well as having representative offices in various European locations. Contact us online for any inquiries regarding how we can best service your sales, delivery, or repair needs.

There’s a lot to consider when researching engine rebuilding options for your auto business. How are you going to finance your purchase, are you willing to risk buying used rebuilt automotive engine rebuilding equipment, and which model type best suits your business’s unique needs? MachTrade aims to be your one-stop auto shop for all sales, servicing, and usage inquiries and services. Visit us to search out the very best large or small engine repair tools and equipment to take your venture future forward with lucrative machining solutions.