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Cars are always a high cost purchase. Globally, an increased demand for newer vehicles that meet revised emissions targets, as well as consumer expectations on engine and fuel performance, have seen prices inflate further. Vehicles are also sophisticated machines, comprised of many components that are in themselves valuable items. As such, and again in synergy with growing sustainability measures and intents, the market for the reconditioning of car engines and parts is a lucrative and competitive field. It is always cheaper and more environmentally conscious to recondition auto parts than to manufacture new ones. For any auto business involved in the remanufacturing of vehicles engines, an auto surface grinding machine with stable performance is central to its operations. MachTrade supplies, maintains, and repairs, surface grinding equipment, to an international client base. The company’s key focus is on providing comprehensive surface grinding machine services that assist every auto shop customer scale to its full potential.


The importance of maintaining your surface grinding equipment

MachTrade surface grinding machine range

CNC surface grinding machine Vs manual

Cylinder head grinding machine for sale at MachTrade

MachTrade Cylinder head surface grinding machine FAQs

1) The importance of maintaining your surface grinding equipment

A cylinder head grinding machine is a high-cost purchase for any auto business. Investing in regular DIY and professionally applied maintenance is the greatest investment you can make outside of the machine’s initial purchase cost. Maintaining surface grinding equipment contributes to its ongoing performance capacity and the accuracy of the machine’s functioning. It also preserve machine longevity.

Maintenance is best approached from both a short and long term perspective. Firstly, see that all staff are trained in the development of stringent cleaning of your cylinder head valve grinding equipment. Ensure that all head grinding machine surfaces are kept dust-free, and that all parts are regularly lubricated.

It’s also advisable to have regular maintenance work performed by expert auto technicians. MachTrade’s unique purchase policy easily facilitates this by providing one to three year warranties on all surface grinding machines. During this period, MachTrade will deliver dedicated on-site maintenance work that is carried out with minimal disruption to your daily operations. Our mobile teams can advise on any usage concerns, and conduct all necessary repairs. The company also provides favorable post-warranty maintenance and repair rates to our valued customers.

2) MachTrade surface grinding machine range

MachTrade is a proud representative of the POLEKS manufacturing brand, an internationally trusted name in the production of high class machining equipment since 1970. Its carefully curated range of POLEKS surface grinder machine models have been individually selected for their high grinding standards. The range includes both manual and automatic surface grinding machine options with varying feature inclusions and price points.

MachTrade’s online platform is the ideal place to make any inquiries about the range, with customer service specialists available anytime via the site’s responsive chat function. The company’s online portal also features detailed specification guides, instructional videos, and other engine head grinding machine related content. MachTrade is a customer service oriented firm, concerned with assisting customers to make the best decision on equipment, as well as supporting them with all their ongoing and repair requirements.

3) CNC surface grinding machine Vs manual

MachTrade’s catalog of engine head valve grinding machine models includes both manual and automatic options to accommodate the different needs and preferences of our customers.

When choosing between a manual or auto model, the following broad distinctions may provide a good entry point:

  • Automatic or CNC surface grinding machines can often perform with more precision and accuracy due to their incorporation of computer technology in controlling positioning, depth, and speed.
  • Manual surface grinding machines can often provide a more affordable solution. This can be especially beneficial to smaller scale businesses.
  • Auto grinding machine models can be more cost effective for high capacity workloads as they are programmable to perform repetitively at high speed.
  • Manual surface grinder options are generally easier to use and maintain.

4) Cylinder head grinding machine for sale at MachTrade

When deciding which model and type of cylinder head surface grinding machine is the best fit for your business, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Does your business have space limitations or can it accommodate a bulky machine.
  • Is a CNC surface grinding machine or a manually functioning cylinder head surface grinding machine better for your financial situation, workflow, and employee experience levels.
  • What is your purchase price range and how are you going to finance your cylinder head surface grinding machine.

5) MachTrade Cylinder head surface grinding machine FAQs

Does MachTrade offer good value for money on grinder purchase costs?

MachTrade aims to provide competitive pricing on all its surface grinding machines. Its online portal is fitted with a best offer price function that enables customers to submit an inquiry an any catalog model and receive a real-time best pricing offer.

Can MachTrade offer assurances on the high working order of its grinding machines?

Absolutely, by providing one to three year warranty terms on the sale of all its surface grinding equipment, MachTrade gives peace of mind to customers, knowing that all maintenance, usage, and performance issues will be fully seen to by the company. As MachTrade service and repair teams are mobile, clients are never burdened with the heavy lifting and time consuming tasks of bringing machinery to MachTrade, and don’t need to lose trade when maintenance and repairments are required.

Auto engine remanufacturing is a specialized focus area as well as a highly necessary industry sub-sector. All engines are subject to gradual wear and tear and the effects of overheating, resulting in eventual irregularities and bulging on the surface of their cylinder heads. Without reconditioning, worn cylinder heads will contribute to a loss of engine power and a drop in a car’s performance, safety, and longevity. For every auto business that flattens and smooths cylinder heads, a cylinder head valve grinding machine will be an integral component of its workforce. Connect with MachTrade to explore all cylinder head surface grinding machine for sale options, make an informed purchase decision for your company’s unique needs, and benefit from expert and reliable maintenance and repair support. MachTrade does so much more than sell machines, we foster the future growth of your enterprize through dedicated servicing and repair solutions.